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My Journey to Wellness

After the birth of our two daughters and gaining fifty pounds, I started and restarted diet and exercise programs and always found what I lost. (Weight that is.)  During a family vacation in Hawaii, we decided to go kayaking, and instead of exploring the underwater delights with everyone else, I decided to stay in the kayak because I knew there would be an embarrassing struggle getting back in the yellow floating apparatus.  I felt left out, uncomfortable, and soon motivated to begin my journey to lose over 50# and have successfully kept it off for over a decade.
If you have ever felt uninspired, lonely, left out, or uncomfortable because of your lack of self-confidence or physical ability, perhaps it's time to start on YOUR wellness journey. 
I'm here to help prevent chronic disease, reverse unhealthy habits and prevail to achieve your desired outcomes.


My Story

Where I get my motivation to be a health coach

I was invited to share the TedX stage in 2019 and share my story about the struggles of being a caregiver and the joy one can find in offering service. I realized that my health and wellness needed to become a priority so that I can age well, live well and help other do the same.

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