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Take Action Today 

Accountability  +  Commitment  +  Time  =  Lasting Success


6 weeks to a
Better You!

Wellness Group Coaching

This six-week course begins your journey to wellness. We meet as a group for one hour each week and discuss key concepts for lasting behavior change. This course includes 6 forty-five-minute individual sessions that are specific to your needs and desired outcomes.


Foundation of Wellness

12 week health coaching

Take charge of your wellness

During our 12 weeks together, we will develop your wellness vision and structure our conversations around what outcomes are the most important to you. Each session consists of a 45-minute call with follow-up and feedback.

Contact Kelly for more information

Using a Touch Phone

Free 45 minute Connection Call

Let me get to know you

Let's take some time to connect and discover how I can best serve you. Your wellness journey can be the beginning of a new you, living disease-free and adding years to your life, and life to your years. I'm confident I can bring value to the conversation and insight into your journey.

Cost - Free

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