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Mindful shopping can lead to better outcomes

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

When you go shopping to pick up those necessities at your local grocery store, have you ever really looked at what you're buying? Are you allowing impulse to take over because you're hungry, tired or bored? Oftentimes we find ourselves placing things in our shopping cart that were not on our list because we're thinking of other things, not giving the task at hand our full attention.

When you compile your list of must haves; using paper and pen (Printable Grocery List), Alexa or that free shopping APP on your phone, are you allowing a few treats and indulgences space among the necessities? When we plan our goodies and delights by adding them to the list, it keeps those impulse buys at bay and helps us to stay on our healthy eating plan. Being more mindful while we're shopping and having a list to follow leads to better food choices. And having those items on hand can make eating healthier that much easier.

When you say no at the grocery store, you don't have to deny yourself because those "RED LIGHT" foods aren't in the pantry. However, by having those pre-selected indulgences, it allow us to stay in control and feel empowered. The more we experience that feeling of control over our food choices the more likely we are to repeat those good behaviors. In hindsight, we are the culmination of all our good and bad choices in our life. To change the outcome, we must change the behaviors that lead to that outcome.

So next time you're on our way to the grocery store, ask yourself; "Am I tired, bored or emotional?" If the answer is yes, use greater caution when placing things in your cart. Remember it's easier to say no at the grocery store than it is when that impulse buy is staring you down in the pantry. If you are hungry, perhaps bring an apple or banana along to snack on before you enter the store. It will take the edge off, give you an energy boost and enable you to put only those items on your list included in your grocery bill.

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